“Be careful. Watch out.”

“Be careful. You need to watch out.”

I get this a lot when I take my son out for walks. Usually from well-meaning Aunties in our neighborhood. 

I love these Aunties but these comments do intrigue me quite a fair bit for they seem to suggest that I am not watching out for danger, or that I am not being a responsible (enough) mother.

But I am watching my son, and I’ve always been.

I’ve watched him examine the structures of the playground before he starts to explore and play.

I’ve watched him adjust his speed and strength according to what is needed in different situations.

I’ve watched him assess his own capabilities and then, measure his options and decisions with thoughtfulness.

I’ve watched him “go to the edge” with complete awareness of where the edge is, and how to be with it.

I’ve watched him, and so I know him deeply and so very intimately.

I cannot be more proud of my 13-month-old’s growing ability to assess and manage risks.

Responsible parenting is not about shielding children from the world. It is about helping them get to know the world – every part of it – and learning how to be with it and in it fully, responsibly, and safely.


Sheena Ang

I am here to help you uncover what you have within yourself, and thereby discover things that you could not see by yourself. Things, that when seen, can radically change your life.