When you shift from the inside,
Life shifts on the outside.

Welcome to your Inside Journey.

Hi, I’m Sheena

I believe that everything begins from within, and I understand the intricate dance between our internal landscapes and the external world.


As a seasoned Leadership and Relationship Coach, I provide a sacred space for individuals yearning to unravel the complexities within, to deepen their ability to connect with themselves and with others.


Drawing on tried-and-tested frameworks, strategies, and interventions, I will guide you through a deep exploration of the hidden and often invisible trigger responses and automatic, unconscious behavioral patterns that are weighing on the relationships you have – including your relationship with self.


Together, we will illuminate what is beneath, unlearn habitual patterns that are causing disconnection, embody new behaviors, and most of all, meet and heal parts of yourself that you may have lost, forgotten, silenced, or shamed along the way.


Your Inside Journey is an invitation to return to your wholeness and as a result, bring your longing to live, lead, and parent with clarity, ease, love, and joy to life.


Welcome to your Inside Journey.

Professional Coach



I am ready for my Inside Journey.