When you shift from the inside,
Everything shifts on the outside.

Welcome to your Inside Journey.

Hi, I’m Sheena

I believe that everything begins from within, and I understand the intricate dance between our internal landscapes and how we experience our external world.


As a seasoned Trauma-Informed Leadership & Relationship Coach, I provide a sacred and courageous space for individuals yearning to unravel the complexities within, elevate consciousness, and expand their capacity to lead, love, and thrive in our world.


My clients come from diverse backgrounds: from those seeking their voice and purpose whilst on a journey of self-discovery, to men and women dedicated to nurturing their homes and children, and leaders who are committed to shaping vibrant communities and successful workplaces.


Drawing on proven models, strategies, and interventions, I guide clients through a deep exploration of parts of themselves that they may have overlooked, enable them to reconnect with their authentic humanity, and bring restoration and harmony within their lives and the lives of those whom they lead, serve and love.


Welcome to your Inside Journey; it begins here.

Professional Coach



I am ready for my Inside Journey.