1-1 Coaching Is A

Powerful & Transformative Experience

In our time together, my focus is only on you, your dreams, your growth, and your success.
The various aspects of our lives are interwoven and hence, regardless of which area you choose to focus on in coaching – your personal or professional goals – the impact will echo throughout every part of your life.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership, at its core, is about relationships.


However, the impact we have on others can be unconsciously shaped by our unexplored triggers and patterns. Whether it’s a learned response to stress, a communication style rooted in past experiences, or a leadership approach shaped by early role models – such as our parents – these elements can greatly influence our leadership thinking, actions and decisions.


This is where leadership coaching can be helpful.


As we go on an inside journey to explore your leadership, we will bring awareness to underlying patterns and triggers, enable healing, equip you with the skills to make conscious choices, and support you in fostering a leadership presence that is not only deeply authentic but profoundly impactful.

Personal Coaching

One of the profound benefits of personal coaching lies in its ability to deepen our connection with self. Amid our bustling lives, it’s easy to lose touch with the essence of who we are.


Coaching facilitates a deep process of self-discovery that enables us to navigate the depths of our own being. Through this deep work, we can deepen our connection with ourselves, reclaim our authentic voice, and consciously create the life we yearn to experience.


Your Inside Journey will create a ripple effect that goes beyond ourselves, but shape how we respond to our dance with life – including the people in our lives.

Parent Coaching

Parenting can feel incredibly hard and at times, impossible. I know because I have spent more than 17 years in the Early Childhood Education sector and am now a mother to a preschooler.


What I know for sure is that we can’t be effective parents unless we have a healthy relationship with ourselves; a relationship that is anchored on self-awareness. The subconscious beliefs we hold can get in the way we parent and as a result, create tension and disconnection in our internal world and impact the way to relate to those we love.


As your Inside Journey Coach, I can help you get clear on the real reason behind your struggles, support you to navigate the complexities and emotions of parenthood, parent with greater ease and joy, and build deeper connections with your young child.


I am also passionate about supporting new mothers on their motherhood journey, and enable them to move into this new season with joy and ease.


I offer a FREE, no obligation, complimentary call (via zoom) where we can get to know each other and determine whether there is a good fit. On this call, I will also share more about how we will work together to meet your needs best. If we choose to work with each other, my fees for online coaching are as follows:


1 session: SGD350


6 sessions: SGD1950 (valid for 16 weeks)


12 sessions: SGD3600 (valid for 6 months)


*Payment plans available. Please reach out to discuss your needs.

Your Inside Journey begins here.