Permission to Fall

As a parent, I know that I cannot always be there to protect my 18-month-old child. Therefore, I will do all that I can to prepare him.

Instead of preventing him from climbing, so that he will have no chance to fall, I’d much rather give him the opportunity to learn how to make his way up and down climbing structures safely.

Today, I’m incredibly proud of my son who figured out how to go up and down the entire climbing structure by himself.

As I watched him this evening, I found myself wondering if and how I might be staying away from some of life experiences, just so I have no chance to fall/fail/look bad.

What is it really costing me if I spend my life being a spectator instead of a football player on the field?

What would be possible for my life if I give myself the opportunity to try, to go all out, to learn and to grow?

What do I need to give myself full permission to experience life fully, without reservations?


What are your answers to these questions?


Sheena Ang

I am here to help you uncover what you have within yourself, and thereby discover things that you could not see by yourself. Things, that when seen, can radically change your life.